Handling of Waste
 Handling of Waste

As part of normal vessel operation Euronav reduces vessel waste to a minimum. This is achieved by:

- working with suppliers to reduce packaging;
- reducing plastic packaging on board to a strict minimum;
- recycling packing material;
- compacting rubbish prior to discharging;
- keeping onboard cargo residues and delivering ashore at proper reception facilities;
- participating in the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) initiatives to improve the port reception facilities by reporting any deficiencies using the IMO relevant questionnaire;
- sewage treatment plants onboard, handling the black and grey waters in order to minimise the impact on the environment.

The engine sludge is always discharged onto barges and then discharged ashore to responsible receivers.  If necessary, the engine sludge can be burned in the vessel incinerator. This practice is however not encouraged and priority is given for discharging all sludge ashore.