One cornerstone of the Euronav mission is dedicated to our people: to inspire and enable talented, hard-working people to achieve their career goals in a healthy, challenging, and rewarding environment.

Throughout its shore-based offices, Euronav has about 147 employees: in London, Nantes, Antwerp, and Piraeus.  This geographic span across Europe reflects a deep-rooted maritime history and culture built up over generations.

About 2,700 seafarers of Greek, French, and Belgian, Bulgarian, Salvadorian, Romanian, Canadian, Honduran, Croatian and Philippine nationalities work aboard Euronav vessels. In an environment where there is a shortening supply of competent seafarers, Euronav has qualified and experienced masters to man all the vessels.  Masters' conferences are held annually and crew conferences regularly.

Euronav is devoted to a teamwork culture and an environment where people work together for the overall success of the company, on shore and at sea. Euronav practices genuine performance planning and appraisal, training and development, and promotion from within. Our policies aim to enhance and reward performance, engage our people, and retain key talent. 

We celebrate the diversity in our workforce.  Many of our employees and officers have a wealth of long service and experience in the business while others are new entrants with fresh perspectives.  This commitment and stability enriched with diversity have enabled us to achieve excellent results in an extremely competitive industry.

We endorse corporate social responsibility and have values of fairness and responsibility embedded in our operating ethos. Euronav is an equal opportunity employer; people are selected, rewarded, and advanced based on performance and merit. Euronav fully complies with labor law and regulations in the markets in which it operates. Euronav strives to be an exemplary employer among its peers and participates in forums for an open exchange of best practices.