Remuneration policy

The purpose of the Euronav remuneration policy is to define, implement and monitor an overall group remuneration philosophy and framework, in line with group and local regulatory requirements. More specifically, the Policy is intended to:

  • Reward fairly and competitively, ensuring the organisation’s ability to attract, motivate and retain highly skilled talent in an international marketplace by providing them with a balanced and competitive remuneration package
  • Promote accountability through the achievement of demanding performance targets and long-term sustainable growth, coherent with Euronav’s values, identity and culture
  • Differentiate reward by performance and recognise sustained (over)achievement of performance against pre-agreed, objective goals at the corporate, operating, company and individual level
  • Pursue long-term value creation and alignment with the strategy, purpose and core values of Euronav, taking into consideration the interests of all stakeholders
  • Align remuneration practices while respecting local (country) market practice and regulation
  • Follow sound principles of corporate governance, of responsible business conduct and comply with all legal requirements
  • Observe principles of balanced remuneration practice that contribute to sound risk management and avoid risk-taking that exceeds the risk tolerance limits of Euronav.

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