Whistleblower policy

Euronav has adopted a Whistleblower Protection Policy to protect individuals who want to lawfully raise a legitimate concern. If an individual does not feel comfortable reporting concerns to a supervisor, manager or any other appropriate person within the Company, he or she can use a free telephone service or web-based platform that enables him or her to report a concern in complete confidentiality. Euronav's “SpeakUp” service is hosted by an independent third party, People InTouch, to ensure a straightforward, confidential, secure, and convenient way of reporting.

Consult the webservice here.

The global URL enables the employee to consult the individual local phone number of the country he or she is located. For a general numbers’ overview, you can consult the procedure and the list of international free-phone numbers here.

Click here to consult the Whistleblower Protection Policy.