Supervisory Board

Name Title Audit & Risk Committee Remuneration Committee Corporate Governance & Nomination Committee Sustainability Committee End of Mandate
Grace Reksten Skaugen Grace Reksten Skaugen Chairman - Independent Director Member Member Chairman Member AGM 2024
Marc Saverys Marc Saverys Non-Independent Director 2026
Patrick De Brabandere Patrick De Brabandere Non-Independent Director Chairman Member Member 2026
John Fredriksen John Fredriksen Non-Independent Director 2026
Cato H. Stonex Cato H. Stonex Non-Independent Director Member Member 2026
Ole Henrik Bjørge Ole Henrik Bjørge Independent Director Member Chairman Member 2025
Julie De Nul Julie De Nul Independent Director Member Member Chairman 2025

The Supervisory Board is the ultimate supervisory body of the Company. It is responsible for the general policy and strategy of the Company and has the power to perform all acts that are exclusively reserved to it by the Code of Companies and Associations. The Supervisory Board drafts all reports and proposals in accordance with books 12 and 14 of the Code of Companies and Associations. It supervises the Management Board.

The Supervisory Board pursues the success of the Company in terms of shareholder value while giving consideration to the corporate, social, economic and environmental responsibility, gender diversity and diversity in general. In doing so, members of the Supervisory Board shall act honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interests of the Company.