Sustainability Committee

The Committee (which until November 2020 was named ESG & Climate Committee) is an advisory body to the Supervisory Board. The main role of the Committee consists of assisting and advising the Supervisory Board to monitor the performance, as well as to determine the key risks and opportunities that the Company faces in relation to environmental, social and climate matters. In this respect, the Committee oversees the Company’s conduct and performance on sustainability matters as well as its reporting thereon. The Committee informs the Supervisory Board and makes recommendations to the Supervisory Board when it deems appropriate on any area within its remit where action or improvement is needed.

Name Title End term of office

Catharina Scheers

Chairwoman & Independent Member  

Mr. Bjarte Bøe

Non-Independent Member  

Alexander Saverys

CEO n/a
Ludovic Saverys CFO n/a
Benoit Timmermans CSO n/a