Board member: Patrick Rodgers

Name Patrick Rodgers
Title Director - CEO
End of mandate AGM 2020


Patrick (known as Paddy) Rodgers became Chief Executive Officer of Euronav in 2000 and has served on Euronav’s Board of Directors since June 2003. He joined Euronav as a member of the Executive Committee in 1995 and was appointed Chief Financial Officer in 1998.  Since 2011, he has served as Director and Chairman of the International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation Fund (ITOPF).  Paddy was elected to the Executive Committee of Intertanko in May 2017.

From 1990 to 1995 Paddy Rodgers worked at CMB Group as in-house Lawyer and subsequently as Shipping Executive moving to Euronav when it became a subsidiary for tanker investments of the CMB Group.  He graduated in with an LLB in Law from University College London in 1981 and qualified to practise in 1984 having passed law society entrance exams after studying at the College of Law, Guildford in 1982.   In 1984 he joined Bentley, Stokes & Lowless as a solicitor and in 1986 he moved to Johnson, Stokes & Master in Hong Kong where he practised until 1990.