Executive committee member: Alex Staring

Name Alex Staring*
Title COO - Chief Operating Officer


In July 2005, Captain Alex Staring was appointed Chief Operating Officer of Euronav and as of July 2010 he is also in charge of the offshore segment. 

After graduating in Maritime Sciences, he started his career at sea in 1985. Mr. Staring obtained his Master's and Chief Engineer's license and spent the majority of his time at sea on Shell and CMB's tankers whereof the last 3 years as Master. He came ashore in 1997 and headed up SGS training and gas centre.

In 1998 he rejoined CMB and moved to London to head the Operations team at their subsidiary, Euronav UK. In early 2000, international shipping companies, AP Moller, Euronav, Frontline, OSG, Osprey Maritime and Reederei'Nord' Klaus E Oldendorff agreed to consolidate the commercial management of their VLCCs by operating them in a Pool. Tankers International LLC was set up and Captain Alex Staring became Director of Operations. 

Captain Alex Staring (1965) graduated in Maritime sciences from the Maritime Institute in Flushing, The Netherlands.


*Alex Staring as permanent representative of AST projects BV