General Policy Statement

Euronav is committed to provide ship management and ancillary services to ship owners, achieving for their ships the highest possible reliability.

As delegated by its client shipping companies, Euronav ensures the technical and crewing management of the ships that come under its responsibility.

Open communication and transparent reporting are the corner stone of the relationship with our customers.

These services shall be provided:

  • With full respect to the health, safety, security, environmental and quality standards and regulations applicable to maritime transportation, and aiming at continuous enhancement of the safety, security and quality of the vessel operations and protection of the marine environment;
  • With care for the well-being of the ships crews in a just, performance rewarding culture;
  • Within our continuous drive towards Safety and Environmental Excellence, which we define as 'no harm to any person or to the ship and no damage to the environment or to property'.

Euronav has defined, documented and maintained pertinent Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Policies, aiming to:

  • Prevent harm to people and damage to the environment by safeguarding against the critical situations which are inherent to the crude oil shipping trade;
  • Offer quality service to our ship owners and contribute to the success of their business objectives;
  • Provide a fair and challenging workplace, career opportunities and personal development for the people who work for Euronav;
  • The implementation of this policy must be a continuous, top priority for the entire sea and shore-based staff.

The company requires that this policy is communicated, implemented, understood, and maintained at all levels of the organization, both ship-based and shore-based.

The backbone for realizing our policy is a skilled motivated and adequately trained sea and shore staff and the use of proven communication and information tools to support the shore operations.