Management Board

Name Title
Hugo De Stoop* Hugo De Stoop* CEO - Chief Executive Officer
Lieve Logghe* Lieve Logghe* CFO - Chief Financial Officer
Alex Staring* Alex Staring* COO - Chief Operating Officer
Egied Verbeeck* Egied Verbeeck* GC - General Counsel
Brian Gallagher Brian Gallagher IRC - Head of Investor Relations, Research & Communications

In accordance with Art. 7:104 of the Code of Companies and Associations the executive management of the Company is entrusted to the Management Board chaired by the CEO. The members of the Management Board are appointed by the Supervisory Board.

The Management Board is empowered to take responsibility for the daily operations of the Group and the implementation of the policy and strategy articulated by the Supervisory Board. Its powers are further described in detail in Chapter 1, section 12 of the Corporate Governance Charter. The Management Board  reports to the Supervisory Board through the CEO, enabling the Supervisory Board to exercise control. The members of the Management Board are in constant dialogue. The Management Board may decide on the frequency of its formal meetings.


*Hugo De Stoop as permanent representative of Hecho BV

*Lieve Logghe as permanent representative of Tincc BV

*Alex Staring as permanent representative of AST projects BV

*Egied Verbeeck as permanent representative of Echinus BV