Environmental Protection Policy

The Company believes that pollution prevention on board a ship is a first priority and aims at environmental excellence.

In order to accomplish this, key personnel, corporate and contract personnel must clearly adhere to the complete contents of the Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Protection Management System.

We are all obliged to ensure that our vessel(s) respond to an accidental spill as efficiently and professionally as possible not only in the interest of our Company but also for the good of the general public and the environment.

It is the policy of the Company that in the event of any accident that involves the discharge of oil or other harmful substance from the vessel, the first priority of the master should be the safety of the vessel and her crew on board, together with immediate action taken to avoid pollution of the environment.

It is to be noted that each accident encountered is unique, actions and decisions to be taken should be done so based on proper seamanship and common sense on a case to case basis. It is of the utmost importance to stress that the master's priority in the event of a spill is to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of personnel and vessel, and to prevent escalation of the accident.