Health, Hygiene and Safety Policy

Euronav Ship Management, being involved in the operation and management of vessels providing worldwide transportation of cargoes by sea, recognizes the inherent impacts on people and the environment, which can result from its activities. The Company will therefore conduct its operations, both ashore and onboard the vessels under its management, in a manner that protects health and promotes safety.

The Company holds health, hygiene and safety as first priority in its operations, while its utmost concern is to always ensure that all employees execute their work under safe and hygienic conditions.

The Company is furthermore committed to take all reasonable precautions and measures, during the operation of managed vessels, in order to ensure safety at sea, prevention of human injury or loss of life and avoidance of damage to property.

The Company aims at health, hygiene and safety excellence which is accomplished through the following objectives:

  1. Minimize adverse health, hygiene and safety impacts resulting from activities ashore and onboard through compliance with applicable legal requirements and the use of appropriate management system procedures.
  2. Comply with all applicable rules and regulations and with other requirements to which the organization subscribes that relate to its identified Health, Safety and Environmental protection related hazards, applicable to operations of the managed vessels.
  3. Provide for healthy, safe and environmentally protective practices in vessel operations, a safe working environment and establish safeguards against identified risks, to assist in preventing human injury and loss of life.
  4. Being committed to prevention of injury and ill health.
  5. Being committed for continual improvement by setting, evaluating and reviewing health, hygiene, safety and environmental aspects, objectives and targets.
  6. Being prepared to respond to emergencies, both ashore and at sea with effective contingency plans.
  7. Educate and train its personnel on health, hygiene, safety and environmental awareness in order to improve the safety management skills of personnel ashore and aboard vessels, including preparing for emergencies related to safety (and environmental protection).
  8. Continuously assess all identified risks to the vessels and the personnel and establish appropriate safeguards.
  9. Provide or arrange, as appropriate, for medical services necessary for the treatment of employee occupational illnesses or injuries and for the handling of medical emergencies.
  10. Provide voluntary health and hygiene promotion programs designed to enhance employees’ wellbeing and personal safety. These programs should supplement, but not interfere with, the responsibility of employees over their own health care.
  11. Continuously monitor and assess the Company's performance against set standards by conducting management review meetings, audits and evaluations in order to continuously improve the HSQE Management System.
  12. Provide facilities, systems/equipment and a maintenance system that is suited for the purpose of achieving objectives.

All personnel (shore-based and shipboard) must adopt and comply with this policy and must encourage contracted parties to demonstrate commitment towards awareness on relative subjects.