Corporate sponsorship

Euronav wants to be associated and wants to support a select number of cultural events and activities that resonate the company's core values.

The decision to embark in a sponsorship is based on a set of criteria that measures the outcome on the people and the planet. Brand awareness and image development are generally a consequence of the association with the event and are therefore not prioritized when the decision is made to support such actions.


In the wake of the Belgica
In celebration of the 110th anniversary of the Belgica expedition, following the steps of Adrien de Gerlache, Dixie Dansercoer and the crew of the Euronav Belgica intend to repeat this expedition during the southern hemisphere summer of 2007-2008. 'In the wake of the Belgica', title for the 2007-2008 expedition, was chosen to pay tribute to and honour this courageous and adventurous expedition.

Euronav was proud to be the sole sponsor of "In the wake of the Belgica" expedition. For Euronav it was a way of participating to the celebration of Belgium's involvement in Antarctic matters on the whole but also to take part in different actions that are currently made relating to the research on the possible impact of global warming.

Vision of the expedition: Inspire to protect the environment by exploring Antarctica, one of the most fragile and precious places on earth.

Mission statement of the expedition:

  • Environmental: express Euronav's commitment to preserve and protect the oceans by exploring one of nature's most untouched and vital reserves
  • Educational: raise public awareness of the fragile nature of Antarctic as the prime barometer of our planet's health
  • Historical: recognise, take pride in and pay tribute to a rich European tradition and legacy in shipping and exploration
  • Cultural: unite and engage Euronav's diverse community around a common adventure in order to share our core values


Strebelle in Beijing
Euronav was proud to be one of the leading sponsors of the Athlete's Alley, a monumental sculpture designed by Olivier Strebelle and the biggest piece of contemporary art in Asia.

The Athlete's Alley is a truly unique Belgian sculpture celebrating the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and the ever closer relationship between the Kingdom of Belgium and the People's Republic of China in the great Olympic spirit to contribute to building a peaceful and better world without discrimination through fair and friendly sporting competition.

The sculpture is a gift from the Kingdom of Belgium to the Republic of China and it is paid partly by the Belgian government and partly by leading Belgian companies doing business in China.

Olivier Strebelle is a renowned Belgian Sculptor, who has been selected by the City of Beijing among thousands of other projects to become the symbol of the Olympic park in Beijing. The masterpiece is gigantic with its 100m length and 20m height. The stainless steel sculpture represents, only from one particular point, five people in different positions holding the five Olympic rings. From any other place it looks totally different as in reality there are no circles to be found.


Eugeen Van Mieghem
Euronav sponsored a large exhibition of the paintings of Eugeen Van Mieghem, a renowned Belgian painter from the 19th and early 20th century. The exhibition was held in the Maritime Museum of the city of New York and called "Antwerp Gateway to the New World, Eugeen Van Mieghem and the Emigrants of the Red Star Line".

The exhibition showed the masterpieces of Eugeen Van Mieghem inspired by the exodus of almost 3 million people to the New World between 1850 and 1935 witnessed by the artist when he lived opposite the Red Star Line premises in Antwerp.

Euronav was proud to be able to support this major Belgian painting exhibition held in New York because of the strong evident parallels the painter Eugeen Van Mieghem and Euronav share. Eugeen Van Mieghem as well as Euronav both share the same Antwerp roots and the maritime sector and more specifically the port of Antwerp which is also a common passion.


Company programs
For several years now, Euronav has contributed periodically to NGOs and charities. Just as few of recent programs include:

Matching employee contributions to charities such as UNICEF, the Belgian foodbanks, or spontaneous fund raising for various charities

Intra-vessel contests are run in which the award is a contribution to the charity of one's choice

Euronav aiming at being a paperless company also chooses to send its traditional season's greetings by email rather than sending traditional greeting cards and uses its card budget to contribute to charity.