Euronav encourages and supports personnel taking higher education courses to improve their value to the company and their possibilities for promotion within the organization. Courses for lifelong learning may be subsidized in full or in part depending on the circumstances, balancing personal preferences and business considerations.

Every year and especially during the summer, Euronav sponsors interns with a dual purpose: to provide a service to the community by giving promising students an opportunity to acquire work experience and, at the same time, to add value to the company by establishing a pool of future candidates and to provide a fresh perspective and needed support services.

In its continual effort to engage youth in the shipping community, at Euronav, we feel it is really important to be involved in educational activities which are a way of rejuvenating our industry.

School and training program

Euronav Ship Management Belgium has, in cooperation with 3 other ship owners, developed, a specialization curriculum for Masters of Science at the Ghent Technical High School. The degree of Maritime Sciences aims at future superintendents. Euronav’s involvement in the training was in ship strength, construction, stability and ship specificity. The entire course was given to the first two batches of students and thesis subjects are on offer. Following the “In The Wake Of The Belgica Project” Frans Doomen, the second mate during the expedition, was offered to complete his thesis on the MOQ project and has worked on it in Dubai.

Euronav Ship Management (Hellas) is participating in the Internship programs of Greek Universities, focusing in
Marine studies, by offering their students the opportunity to work for a couple of months, usually during the summer. The company has also been sponsoring distinguished graduates of these schools.

Euronav Ship Management (Hellas) has been among the sponsors of the 26th International Workshop of Water Waves and floating Bodies organized in April 2011 by the School of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens, Laboratory of floating structures & mooring systems.

In the organization and conduct of the Workshop, particular emphasis is given to the participation of younger researchers, to the stimulation of discussion between engineers and scientists. Since its inception, the Workshop has grown in strength and annually brings together marine hydrodynamicists, naval architects, offshore and arctic engineers and other scientists & mathematicians to discuss current research & practical problems.

Promoting young cadet seafaring activities

In September 2009, Euronav was the proud sponsor of “Defi International des Jeunes Marins” (International Challenge for Young Seamen), a non-profit organization, in the Atlantic Challenge’s spirit with the objective of providing a challenging program that encourages the development of nautical skills among young seamen, boys and girls between 16 and 23 years of age, mainly in the art of sailing, rowing, boatbuilding and seamanship. The program also puts a strong emphasis on honesty, on developing a spirit of leadership and respect among the young participants. Euronav has been sponsoring and participating in sailing and training activities for the Canadian youth organization.

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