Whistleblower policy

Euronav has adopted a Whistleblower Protection Policy in order to protect individuals who want to lawfully raise a legitimate concern. If an individual does not feel comfortable reporting concerns to a supervisor, manager or any other appropriate person within the Company, he or she can use a free telephone service or web-based platform that enables him or her to report a concern in complete confidentiality. Please find below the links to our Policy and to the web-based platform.

If you become aware of illegal or unethical misconduct, we strongly encourage you to report it to Euronav through your regular channels of communication. If an individual does not feel comfortable talking to any of these persons about such matters, he or she is encouraged to use Euronav’s Whistleblower Hotline platform that enables to report a concern in complete confidentiality.

Euronav encourages individuals to identify themselves when making a report to facilitate the investigation. However, any person who does not want to be identified is entitled to register a complaint confidentially and anonymously. The Company will treat all complaints in a confidential manner. The Company will not in any manner discriminate against any individual who has made a complaint in good faith.

Euronav's Whistleblower Hotline is hosted by an independent third party, Expolink, in order to ensure a straightforward, confidential, secure and convenient way of reporting. By way of a 24/7 free-phone, with the availability of a translator, or by way of a web based secure platform, individuals can rest assured that no one within the company is involved in processing the complaint. Whenever a complaint is made, the Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee and the General Counsel will receive a notification and they will be in charge of the investigation of the complaint. They report solely to the designated Committee of the Board of Directors of Euronav.

  • Please click here to consult Euronav’s Whistleblower Protection Policy
  • Please click here to go to the web-based platform
  • Please click here for list of international free-phone numbers