Mandatory Bid

CMB NV (“CMB” or “the Bidder”) has launched its previously announced mandatory public takeover bid on all the shares in Euronav that are not already owned by the Bidder or persons affiliated with the Bidder (the “Bid”) on Wednesday 14 February.

The acceptance period in respect of the bid will open on 14 February 2024 and close on 15 March 2024. The bid price amounts to USD 17.86 per share in cash, i.e. USD 18.43 per share, less USD 0.57 dividend per share.

In its response memorandum, the supervisory board of Euronav has unanimously recommended as follows:

  • if a shareholder is aligned with Euronav’s new future-proof strategy, it is recommended to remain invested in Euronav and not tender the shares; and
  • if a shareholder does not embrace Euronav’s revised strategy, it is recommended to tender their shares to the Bidder in the Bid.


An offer to purchase has been filed on a form 13d-1 with the SEC and that same together with the company response are available on the website:


Press release

English press release

Results bid


English prospectus

Response memorandum

English response memorandum