De Tijd: The mega tanker that turned Euronav into a mega tanker owner

In July 2016 Belgian newspaper De Tijd visited the VLCC Alice. The paper reported on the visit in the weekend edition. Underneath you can find a brief summary of what they wrote about Euronav and the video of their visit.

"It costs almost 2 million euro to have her deliver a cargo of crude oil in Singapore from Rotterdam. Welcome on the Alice, one of the 30 super tankers that made Euronav the biggest independent tanker owner in the world. “This is the newest generation of oil tankers, with luxuries we could only dream of before”, says Captain Van Regemorter. Van Regemorter also shows us the ozone installation. The vessels also have a double hull to prevent pollution in case of an accident. Moreover, there’s a double fuel supply: one for the heavy fuel and one for diesel. “All those facilities make me extra proud of this ship. It makes me feel good and it allows Euronav to be ahead of its competitors.”

During the visit De Tijd also recorded a video which you can find on our Youtube page.



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Title The mega tanker that turned Euronav into a mega tanker owner
Author Tom Michielsen
Date 23-07-2016