Ship management

Euronav manages in-house the majority of its fleet which comprises of crude oil carriers ranging from Suezmax to Very Large and V-Plus and FSO.

Supplementary to its in house fleet management, Euronav cooperates with established Ship management organizations for a part of the fleet.

Euronav’s fleet trades worldwide, to ports and for charterers with the strictest requirements. The vessels and crews are in constant interaction with the shore staff through regular onboard visits, briefing and debriefing sessions upon joining or disembarking, modern communication means and conferences ashore as well as onboard or in-house training sessions. Superintendents, internal and external auditors, customers, as well as national and international regulatory bodies assess vessel and crew performance.

Euronav has excellent relations with all major oil majors. The organization, as well as the vessels, has successfully passed numerous oil major vetting assessments. All services are provided with the ultimate regard for the health, safety, security, environmental and quality standards applicable to the maritime transportation industry as a primary concern.

Euronav is committed to continuous enhancement of the safety, security and quality of the fleet’s operation and employment as well as to the protection of the environment.

Euronav is devoted to a teamwork culture where people work together for the overall success of the Company, onshore and at sea. Euronav practices genuine performance planning and appraisal, training and development, and encourages promotion from within while also offering opportunities to competent professionals to join the Company. Its policies aim to enhance and reward performance, engage its people and retain key talent.

An integrated approach

Euronav maintains a consistent ship management approach with the following qualities:

  • Proven experience in managing oil tankers;
  • Experienced officers and crews with professional credentials;
  • professional relations based on merit and trust;
  • commitment to improving the quality of working life at sea;
  • safety and quality assurance including training, auditing, and vetting;
  • modern and effective computer-based management and training systems;
  • human resources policies where people work together for common goals;
  • hands-on technical management backed by the latest communication systems;
  • commitment to long-term asset protection and upgrade;
  • open communication and transparency in reporting.

Full range of services

The Euronav Group provides a full range of ship management services:

  • full technical services;
  • fleet personnel management;
  • comprehensive health, safety, quality and environmental protection management system;
  • insurance and claims handling;
  • global sourcing of bunkering, spares and equipment, and services for optimum synergies, pricing and quality;
  • financial, information technology, human resources and legal services to support the Group's assets values;
  • project management for:
    • new building supervision, including pre- and post-contract consultancy and technical support;
    • FSO conversions;
    • upgrade of assets for improved operational efficiency;
  • commercial management;
  • operational management.

Euronav utilizes a set of clearly defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as well as standardized inspection reports which are thoroughly evaluated to facilitate the measurement of performance such as:

  • safety and environmental performance;
  • vessels reliability;
  • crew and shore staff retention and wellbeing;
  • vessel energy efficiency;
  • vetting and port state controls;
  • planned and condition-based maintenance;
  • dry-docking planning and repairs based on work list from dry-dock to dry-dock.

Quarterly management review meetings and regular management coordination meetings monitor the trends and set the course of actions.