Key Figures 2021

Total Carbon emissions Euronav

Carbon Emissions Euronav

  1. Certain aspects of the organisation’s operations have been excluded, due to a lack of data availability. These account for less than 0.3% of total emissions so are not considered material. This includes electricity from two one-person offices and business travel from Anglo-Eastern Ship Management. The reported figures for CO2 and other GHG emissions for 2018 in relation to the 21 ships purchased as part of the “Gener8 merger” are not the actual ones but they are “annualised” for comparison purposes.The reported figures for 2017 have been “rebaselined” for year- on- year comparison purposes with the 2018 figures.


Key operational data

Key Operational Data Euronav

Source: all calculations by Ecoact


  • EEOI/Energy Efficiency Operational Index: Sea going fleet emissions (gCO2) per unit of transport work (cargo ton miles)
  • AER/Annual Efficiency Ratio: Sea going fleet emissions (gCO2) per ton of ships deadweight times total miles run in the period
  • OEI/Organisational Emissions Intensity: All Euronav emissions (scope 1, 2, 3) per unit of transportation work (cargo ton kilometres)