Sustainable Financing

Active engagement with financial institutions on ESG

Euronav has been proactive in positioning for the future with our financing profile. Since 2020, Euronav began converting existing facilities into revolving credit facilities with specific targets for emissions reduction. These loans include terms with clear targets to reduce our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions over their duration. The targets are effective immediately, with compliance over the first 12 months being rewarded with a reduced interest coupon. This will be independently measured and verified. The Company welcomes this ‘means tested’ approach to our financing structure and anticipates future funding of the company to be similarly subject to such frameworks.


Increased sustainability-linked loans from 1 to 4 in two years

Sustainable financing

41 % of Euronav's financing comes with a sustainabiltiy component

EU Taxonomy

Euronav believes that EU Taxonomy is the right first step needed to support investors’ decisions about ‘green’ economic activities and supports the efforts made for financial portfolios to grow their climate-aligned investments. However, we believe that European green transition should be more inclusive by introducing a regulatory framework that incentivises all actors to pursue in the same direction.